My Philosophy – “You don’t have to complete the task, but neither are you excused from undertaking it.”

My Philosophy – “I think Jewish education should be fun. I love Hebrew and continue to find it fascinating. I encourage my students to think critically; they don’t have to agree with everything, but at least have an understanding of various viewpoints.”

My Philosophy – “I want to help Jews and non-Jews celebrate their loving unions. Our world and our people are so wounded. There are many hurts inflicted out of this woundedness. If we want to stop the cycle, at some point, I believe we have to make an active choice to do no more harm”.

My Philosophy – “I would like to see a kinder approach. Judaism is not a missionary religion, but we can listen sympathetically to the ones who knock on the door.”

This is my interpretation of this very important part of our Liturgy. It can be seen as a reminder to us all that we bear ultimate responsibility for our world and its environment. If we do not act appropriately, we can have an impact on the earth.

My Philosophy – “The Jewish Chaplaincy Society believes in supporting the many Jews and their families who may wish to express their Jewishness in a non-synagogue setting.”

My Philosophy – “The Jewish tradition is that a rabbi is not paid for providing spiritual service, rather the rabbi is compensated for the time taken away from earning a living.”