The Jewish tradition is that a rabbi is not paid for providing spiritual service, rather the rabbi is compensated for the time taken away from earning a living. Independence has its price. No one pays my bills but me.

These are the recommended compensations for various rabbinic services. Adjustments can be made to accommodate those with low or fixed incomes.

~ Spiritual counseling sessions and adult tutorials; studying for conversion/ basic Judaism: $50-75 per hours

Children’s lessons including Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation: $50 for one student for 45 minutes. I prefer that students come to me for their lessons, but if I need to travel to students, I charge $.50 per kilometre.

~ Officiating:

Weddings: $700($800 for out-of-town, plus all expenses). Besides the ceremony itself, this typically includes two meetings with the rabbi, and the rabbi’s attendance at a rehearsal, if needed. Also included (if needed): telephone calls, a customized Ketuba, use of the rabbi’s beautiful khupa and poles, kosher wine for the ceremony, the use of the rabbi’s kiddush cups and a wrapped glass for the ceremony.

Non-Synagogue Bar/Bat Mitzvah services: $700 ($800 for out-of-town, plus all expenses). Besides the ceremony itself, this includes as many family meetings as needed. The rabbi will provide the use of the Torah scroll and a customized siddur (prayer book) for the occasion (which the family will use to further personalize and make as many copies as are needed).

Baby-naming/Brit Milah: $150. Besides the ceremony itself, this includes one meeting with the rabbi and a certificate (I’m not a Mohel! This doesn’t include the procedure itself).

Conversions: $400. Besides the ceremony itself, this includes the initial meeting with the rabbi, telephone calls, and a certificate. The study sessions with the rabbi are not included. Compensation to other members the Bet Din (court of Jewish law) is not included, but a small honorarium, or bottle of kosher wine, is appropriate.

Funerals: $650 ($750 for out-of-town, plus all expenses) or pay what you can.