The Magen David is a widely recognized symbol of Judaism. The literal translation is ‘shield of David,’ referring to King David of the Bible.

This Magen David is ‘inter-species art.’ My first lovebird was a female with a strong nesting drive. No paper could be safely left in her presence because she shredded everything that she could get her beak on. Part of her genetic makeup was to tuck the shredded strips of paper into her tail feathers so she could fly them to where she was nesting. Every strip was the same width, creating a wonderful, weave-able craft material. I wove the Magen David. I have also used her shreddings to decorate boxes, picture frames, and other containers.

You will see that I have adopted this beautiful art as my website logo.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.


  • Posted 28/05/2023 6:42 PM

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  • Posted 05/03/2021 1:46 PM

    This story is an awesome display of nature and humans being creations of our G-d and this wonderfully creative piece of art blesses me, just knowing the story behind it, besides being a great reminder of one of our great symbols of our faith.

    Thanks you for sharing it, and I think it is a perfect logo for your site, especially once a person knows the story.

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